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A brief history of the Dynasties of China
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907 - 960: Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms

Image above - Zhong Bell
Song Dynasty, Five Dynasties (960)


The disappearance of the Tang dynasty was followed by 53 years of disunity that historians call the "Period of Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms," which opened the doors to the Song Dynasty that reunified the country in 960.

5 Dynasties - 10 Kingdoms 907-960
5 Dynasties - 10 Kingdoms 907-960

Five Dynasties (Later Liang, Later Tang, Later Jin, Later Han, Later Zhou) controlled the North, while more than ten kingdoms established themselves in the South.

Although short, it was a period of development of ceramic technology with the introduction of "white ceramics."

In addition, inspired by Taoism, painting introduced the "varied landscape" of China, with ink strokes that showed the sacredness of the mountains, places between heaven and earth, depicting the natural world as a source of harmony.