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Culture a Confronto al Museo d'Arte Cinese ed Etnografico, Parma

Exhibit: Cultures in Comparison

The exhibition "Cultures in Comparison" for the year 2013-2014 on the art of learning in different cultures, is a journey of intercultural interest: the great ideals and values of all human societies

Common Values

The new exhibition at the Museum of Chinese Art and Ethnography helps discover common values in cultures, with some original techniques and displays, and some colorful and attractive materials.

Goal and Target

The exhibit shows the Art of Learning in three continents: not only schools and classes, but also every visitor will feel more at ease in the multicultural society in which we live.
Storia di Kong Rong
China - The Story of Kong Rong

The Goodness of Kong Rong

Kong Rong's father had bought a basket of tasty pears for his children.
Kong Rong was the youngest, and therefore had the right to choose first.
"If I am the youngest," said Kong Rong, "it is good that I choose the pear ..."

Kong Rong became a great politician and scholar of the Han Dynasty.
This story about him is very well known, and still used today in schools for educational purposes.
The story is in the Sanzi Jing (The classic of the three characters), a school text of elementary school, since the Song Dynasty.


Observe the Heart of Things

To know objects and creatures means to observe them carefully, obtain a global understanding, and discover pertinent and ever deeper meanings. The meticulous study reveals many things: wisdom is obtained by going to the heart of things.

Masters of Knowledge

Peoples of every cultures all have a common problem: codifying, teaching and hading over their cultural heritage and wisdom (myths of origin, history, knowledge and values ...).

The Ear-lobe of the Kayapò

In Latin America, the Kayapò people of Northen Brazil teach through body painting, ornaments, weapons and other artifacts. The showy ornaments inserted in the pierced ears lobes have the function of enlarging them, in order to emphasize the faculty of listening
I nostri primi maestri
Carattere di Bocca, Cina

Cord of Wisdom

Discover the Lega people, of the Congo, who use the “Cord of Wisdom” (Mutanga) associated with proverbs. Each object has one or more proverbs, retells a story, recalls an anecdote, to remind the youth the moral principles and wise behavior. The cord is like an open book, where children learn, think and reason on the common ideals of the village life.

Attention to Knowledge

Since ancient times, the Chinese people showed much attention to knowledge and teaching, and in this exhibit we show some exemplary stories and important figures of Chinese history.

-  The Kayapò People  -

Mereremex - To Appear Beautiful Together

The whole conceptual world of the people Kayapò (from the Amazon of Brazil) develops around a shared ideal: to be strong and beautiful , that is Mereremex .
The body painting is Mereremex .
The polychrome ornaments of the body are Mereremex .
The objects manufactured for daily use are Mereremex .
Even the ancient weapons were Mereremex .
In this perspective, the body and all their artifacts speak and express their ideal of life.

Proverbs from the World

Those who do not know the meaning of proverbs cannot speak.
Knowledge holds the whole universe, and is as powerful as the elephant's legs.
The peanut planted in the earth and cultivated well, multiplies itself.
A single wristband does not clink: alone you can't do great things; search always the collaboration of others.
Who goes to the river finds the snails; who remains in the village must be content with the shells.
Those who return from a trip, are never the same person who started the trip.

Visiting Hours

The Exhibit "Culture a Confronto" is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9.00am to 2.00pm, for the school year.

Tel. 0521-257.337

Guided School Tours

Your visit will be guided. The museum space is designed for groups of about 20 people (or less), so as to help appreciate and see the exhibits. The same opening hours of the Museum.
Please call 0521-257.337.

Culture Telling

Between precious ceramic vases of the Celestial Empire and feather tails of the Kayapò, people of the Amazon forest, and the knowledge and wisdom of the Lega people of, other voices and times take shape in the exhibition that recounts the ancient culture of different peoples.

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